Why Game of Thrones is successful ?

1. Sexy cast :

Main cast in game of thrones looks sexy . Most of the people not good at English don’t bother the story and enjoy looking at the characters .  Yes the credit goes to directors  David Benioff and D. B. Weiss for choosing stunning actors who are fit to there role.landscape-1458830593-game-of-thrones-cast

2. Unpredictable story :

The story of Game of Thrones is really unpredictable . It happened to me a lot of time when my mouth was opened and i was saying OMG wtf :0 :0 :0 ( red wedding 😉 )


3.   Nudity :

Nudity is another factor behind the success of GOT. Directors casted 3 porn stars of the series . There is sex and nudity in about every episode and most of the people just watch GOT. only for this. 😀


4. Complete package :

GOT. is full of fantasy , adventure , mystery , thrill , action and much more . Its a complete package and catches every type of audience. Once a GOT. watcher is always a GOT. watcher 😉

5. Dragons and White Walkers :

These fantasy characters plays a big role in making the serial hit.  They look fu*king real.

236620.max-620x600night king close up hardhome game of thrones helen sloan hbo.jpeg .







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